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The Ocean Club

Cooking with Maddy.

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We had the pleasure of collaborating with Maddy on her ’12 days of Local Christmas’ campaign.

After Maddy baked her amazing festive focaccia in our kitchen, we got the chance to sit down, have a chat and enjoy the tasty creation together.

We asked Maddy some questions about her career in cooking & recipe development.

Tell us a bit about ‘Maddy Trueman’ and how your career came about?

I have always been interested in all aspects of food and cooking. I love the way food can bring people together and the joy that eating great food brings to everyone. For the last 10 years I have been working in hospitality industry and have gained a lot of knowledge. A few years ago I decided to go out on my own as a freelancer. Within my business I work in freelance recipe development (creating for brands, businesses and books), food photography, contract catering, wholesale baking, cafe consulting and more. I also recently developed and launched a matcha and collagen latte product with Lae Wellness, a local business. Every work day is different for me and I really enjoy it!

Who inspired you and influences you the most?

My mum is the most creative and amazing cook I know. I learnt so much from her and my other family members growing up. I’m also very inspired by Donna Hay and Ottolenghi and have followed their work for many years.

Dream food tour location?

I would love to visit Sardinia, an island off the south of Italy. I was recently gifted the cookbook ‘Bitter Honey’ by Letitia Clark. It is an amazing cookbook full of Sardinian food, I have already cooked so many of the recipes.

Where are some of your favourite places to wine/dine and be inspired?

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Restaurant Labart here on the coast. It is our absolute favourite place to visit and we are always so impressed with the amazing food and beautiful wines.

What would be your dream project?

I would absolutely love to have a published cook book in the next year or two. I also have some plans for a physical space that I would love to execute soon!

Check out Maddy’s IG for more recipes from this Local Christmas edition here.

Welcome To Our Next-Generation Creative Studio: The Ocean Club

By Blog

At the heart of creativity lies community. And if community is to be a work of art, then The Ocean Club is a masterpiece. Introducing Mermaid Beach’s newest and coolest resident, the Ocean Club, heralding a new era of home installations.

The OC’s distinct doors will open on 9 October 2021, ready to host creative and trade services showcasing local innovation in trade, art, design, and culture.

The brainchild of Co-Directors and creative masterminds Madison and Reuben, the Ocean Club is a Gold Coast-based marketplace for industry professionals, trades, builders, architects, developers, home designers, and renovators to showcase and browse the wares of local makers.

“The Ocean Club is a space to feel welcome, inspired, connected, artistic, creative, and excited,” said Madison. “It’s a one-stop-shop – our vision is to create a cultural hub housing art galleries to trade displays to event hire to studio shoots.”

Born out of a lack of opportunity to truly collaborate and showcase work in a stylised setting, the Ocean Club takes advertising to a new level. Not only are a variety of wares showcased, but they are styled in the context of the home, inviting vendors and artists to spread the word about their business and generate awareness of their craft.

Such an industry-forward space creates an ecosystem for trades to complement one another’s services and access additional merchandising channels. Collaboration is central to the Ocean Club, built as a hivemind to empower creative practice and facilitate networking and collective expression. Madison and Reuben aim to develop and nurture a strong community presence, reflective of the laidback Gold Coast lifestyle we are so fond of. The space triples as a showroom, creative studio, and event hall to host local businesses, photoshoots, and community events.

“Building a community base for our members to feel appreciated, respected, and valued is our number one priority,” said Madison. “We aim to foster a clubhouse of trades, makers, and crafters to enjoy the space – we believe there is no point doing what we do if there isn’t anybody to enjoy it with.”

“From the moment you pull up, you are taken on a visual journey,” said Madison. “From our Art deco inspired facade, you are welcomed through our exquisite front doors into a beautifully curated lounge room with mid-century inspired furnishing.”

The lounge stylisation continues through to a kitchen setup, finished with handcrafted walnut veneer floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, custom upholstery, top of the line appliances and gas burners integrated into the stone (Madison’s personal favourite). The kitchen leads into a stunning Mediterranean-inspired bathroom, with an inviting Roman bath and large mirrors.

The cherry on top of the Ocean Club is a stocked bar for staff and clients, featuring a curved bench seat with custom vinyl leather upholstery and a servery window peering over the water towards the Gold Coast hinterland.

Trust us, there is no better spot to watch the sun settle into the skyline of an evening.

So welcome to The Ocean Club; it’s the homecoming you have always wanted.


Meet Beck from Studio Beck.

By Blog

Studio Beck is a boutique Interior Design & Styling Studio based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, founded by Beck Smith.

As creative as she is methodical, Beck is driven by a desire to create dreamy & captivating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful, ultimately bringing a better quality of life to those who inhabit them.

Studio Beck covers the full range of Interior Design services and Interior Styling & Photography on the Gold Coast and beyond, with Concept Creation, Custom Joinery Design and 3D Visual Renders available virtually Australia-wide.

“Making life beautiful through dreamy & captivating spaces…”

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Beck on the design & interiors of our space. Together we made: The Ocean Club.

Did you want to know a little more about Beck & the story behind Studio Beck?

Great, we asked a few questions for you.
Check out her answers below.

1. Tell us about how Studio Beck came about?
Circumstances due to Covid temporarily uprooted our life on the Gold Coast and took us to WA for most of the 2020 year. I started the Studio Beck Instagram account as a creative outlet while I was away from my normal life, sharing inspiration and things I love. That then led to my first project; designing Frais Studios on the Sunshine Coast. The completion of my first solo project cemented the direction I was heading with Studio Beck and has sent me on this crazy trajectory of incredible design projects, such as The Ocean Club! 
2. Who/What/Where inspires you the most?
Designer’s who are always inspiring me are Tamsin Johnson, Arent & Pyke, Flack Studio, Alexander & Co, Athena Calderone (Eye Swoon), Kelly Wearstler, Eny Lee Parker, Sarah Sherman Samuel… just to mention a few. I’m currently living vicariously through these accounts to seek inspiration from locations afar: @palmheightsgc @belovedmary @seeladanse @viancasoleil. I’m always reading articles on Yellowtrace, Est Living & The Local Project. Mostly, I can not wait to travel once again to experience first hand the inspiration that comes from other cultures, architecture, interiors, and landscapes.
3. What would be your dream project?
I have a great appreciation for Mid Century Modern architecture so an absolute dream of mine would to be renovate an original MCM home. It would be such an honour to work with architecture that is still so prevalent half a century later! Then to spend time filling the home with pieces that tell a story, sourced from all over the globe.
4. What do you love most about being located on the Gold Coast and where are some of your favourite places to wine/dine & be inspired?
I love the energy that exists throughout the creative community on the Gold Coast. Everyone is so supportive of one another which is so important as I think of design as a constant collaboration. I feel lucky to have worked with other creatives who are humble and driven purely by their passion for creating. 
Our favourite restaurants for a treat night are Labart, Lupo and Etsu. To wind down on weekends, you’ll find me having an ocean dip at Kirra with friends and then popping into Tupe Aloha for a sneaky coco marg and chilli wings! 
5. What advice would you give to someone going out on their own in business?
My advise is just to start. No one starting a business has a complete grasp on what they’re doing or how to do it, but if you just give it a go then you never know where it could led you! 

Neighbourhood Watch: The Latest Scoop on the Gold Coast

By Blog

As the days get longer and our desire for sunshine spikes, we are itching to get out and about to eat, stay, explore, and relax. So take this as our insider guide to the always bustling, never boring Gold Coast – here’s where you can find us eating, drinking, swimming, and relaxing as the mercury rises.


For long lunches on long Summer days, we can’t go past Rick Shores. Sharing iconic views with Burleigh Beach, Rick Shores promises Pan-Asian style dining that we can’t get enough of. The perfect setting for socialising, Rick Shores invites you to step off the sand to the awaiting margaritas and bug rolls. For dinner dining, Lupo is a favourite. A totally charming neighbourhood trattoria, Lupo welcomes you with an ever-stylish bar fit for your wining and dining needs. The ambience cannot be beaten, and we can vouch for the delectable desserts and mouth-watering wines with our entire hearts (and stomachs).


A stone’s throw from The Ocean Club and nestled in the Scenic Rim lies Wander. If you’re looking to escape the everyday to a luxury, eco-aware retreat, say no more and look no further. Wander sets the serene scene through local wine, unforgettable nature walks, and enchanting vistas – ideal for a weekend getaway taken straight out of our daydreams.


For a cultural experience like no other, take yourself to the Home of the Arts – or HOTA, as we know it! A true hub of artistic brilliance, you can revel in live performances, music, theatre, visual art, cinema, dance, markets, and more. No HOTA experience is complete without a lakeside wander, making it the perfect trip to get our creative juices well and truly flowing.


Take a breather at Soak Bathhouse, our venue of choice to unplug and unwind. A harbour of wellness, this Gold Coast day spa allows you to put yourself first. Whether you’re after the Soak & Sip package to socialise or your skin is needing some TLC and a facial, Soak will look after you.

5 Interior Design Trends We’re Predicting For 2022

By Blog

From timeless classics to Instagram-worthy styles, these are the trends to keep an eye out for this coming year.


The pandemic rang in a more-is-more attitude in many interior spaces, calling for patterned wallpaper, bright colours, and abstract furniture all layered atop one another. A year later, and we’re reining it in – aesthetic minimalism is here to stay for 2022. Expect to see fewer colours and clutter, replaced by a focus on form and shape in muted palettes. Mindful shopping and considered consumption habits will take centre stage as design prioritises the central purpose of a room over its maximal appeal.


Stone has cemented itself as an interior staple over recent seasons, and it’s not going anywhere. Varying in colour, vein, and graphic effect, marble can be used to suit any space. We’re expecting to see this subtly tactile material across wall panels, benchtops, bathrooms, tables, flooring, and endless other fittings. Don’t be afraid to pair marble with another complimentary texture such as terrazzo or granite, adding a touch of timeless luxury to your home.


Next year will be coloured in Autumnal hues and unassuming creamy whites – think light neutrals alongside terracotta, butterscotch, and warm brown tones. Elevate even the most tired of spaces using monochromatic features, implementing tonal hues throughout all elements in a room; contrast with subtle shades of blue and emerald, and you’re onto a winner.


Remote working is now the norm across many industries, and we have had to adapt our homes accordingly. Maximise a single-function space via innovation and considered design strategy, integrating an office with a living space, or a dining room with a reading nook. A convertible area is one possibility, using deliberate furniture choices and arrangements to create a room that services various needs. Alternatively, differentiate zones using rugs or area-specific lighting, switching between business and play at the drop of a hat.


We are simple creatures, created with an insatiable hunger to connect with nature – an urge that can be satiated by a good Ficus. Listen to the call of nature and biophilia by adding some greenery to your home shopping list, quickly introducing life and vibrance to any space. Enhance the design appeal of house plants using complementary timber settings and stone pots, breathing life into empty corners and unused spaces.