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5 Interior Design Trends We’re Predicting For 2022

By October 6, 2021October 20th, 2021No Comments

From timeless classics to Instagram-worthy styles, these are the trends to keep an eye out for this coming year.


The pandemic rang in a more-is-more attitude in many interior spaces, calling for patterned wallpaper, bright colours, and abstract furniture all layered atop one another. A year later, and we’re reining it in – aesthetic minimalism is here to stay for 2022. Expect to see fewer colours and clutter, replaced by a focus on form and shape in muted palettes. Mindful shopping and considered consumption habits will take centre stage as design prioritises the central purpose of a room over its maximal appeal.


Stone has cemented itself as an interior staple over recent seasons, and it’s not going anywhere. Varying in colour, vein, and graphic effect, marble can be used to suit any space. We’re expecting to see this subtly tactile material across wall panels, benchtops, bathrooms, tables, flooring, and endless other fittings. Don’t be afraid to pair marble with another complimentary texture such as terrazzo or granite, adding a touch of timeless luxury to your home.


Next year will be coloured in Autumnal hues and unassuming creamy whites – think light neutrals alongside terracotta, butterscotch, and warm brown tones. Elevate even the most tired of spaces using monochromatic features, implementing tonal hues throughout all elements in a room; contrast with subtle shades of blue and emerald, and you’re onto a winner.


Remote working is now the norm across many industries, and we have had to adapt our homes accordingly. Maximise a single-function space via innovation and considered design strategy, integrating an office with a living space, or a dining room with a reading nook. A convertible area is one possibility, using deliberate furniture choices and arrangements to create a room that services various needs. Alternatively, differentiate zones using rugs or area-specific lighting, switching between business and play at the drop of a hat.


We are simple creatures, created with an insatiable hunger to connect with nature – an urge that can be satiated by a good Ficus. Listen to the call of nature and biophilia by adding some greenery to your home shopping list, quickly introducing life and vibrance to any space. Enhance the design appeal of house plants using complementary timber settings and stone pots, breathing life into empty corners and unused spaces.